Maven at EclipseCON

I’ll be next March 17th-20th at EclipseCON in Santa Clara, California, giving two talks. if you are going to be attending and you want some specific topic to be covered please leave a comment and I’ll try to make your time worthwhile.

Q4E, Maven integration for Eclipse short talk

"Q for Eclipse" (Q4E) is a new Open Source project that integrates
Apache Maven and the Eclipse IDE for faster, more agile, and more
productive development.
The plugin allows you to run Maven from the IDE, import existing Maven
projects without intermediate steps, create new projects using Maven
archetypes, synchronize dependency management, search artifact
repositories for dependencies that are automatically downloaded, view a
graph of dependencies and more!
If you are a Maven and Eclipse user join us to discover how to take
advantage of all these features, as well as how they can help you to
improve your development process. 

Maven, Eclipse and OSGi working together tutorial

With the growing popularity of Apache Maven, Eclipse, and OSGi, the
most frequently-asked questions are: "Can they work together?" and, "Do
they fight for the same space?"
This tutorial will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each, explains
where they overlap, and how they complement each other so you can get
maximum productivity. It pays special attention to the build process,
dependency management, collaboration, repository management, and
available tools, as well as the future direction of the technologies.
The solutions proposed will be based on the work done in the Apache
Maven and Apache Felix projects, along with several Eclipse Foundation
projects like Eclipse PDE
and Eclipse Buckminster.