Warszawa (Warsaw)

Warszawa is the capital of Poland. During the World War II it was razed to the ground by order of Hitler, around 85% of the buildings were destroyed. After the war the old town Starowka (see below) was reconstructed and now it’s an UNESCO world heritage site. The Palace of Culture and Science, built by the soviets, is the tallest building in Poland.

Palace of Culture, Warsaw
Starwka, Warsaw
Starwka, Warsaw
Palace of Culture, Warsaw
Tank in Warsaw
Waiting for the bus in Warsaw
Starwka, Warsaw
Starwka, Warsaw
Starwka, Warsaw
Starwka, Warsaw

Entrevistado por minube.com

Pedro Jareo de minube.com me ha hecho una entrevista en su parada en Los Angeles durante su vuelta al mundo, por si quieres saber alguna cosa ms sobre mi 😉

minube es una web de viajes "social" con una comunidad de usuarios, muy a la web 2.0. Pedro est dando una vuelta al mundo y blogueando desde los lugares que visita para promocionar la pgina.

Upgrading Struts 2.0.x to 2.1.x

Now that Struts 2.1.2 is officially out you may want to upgrade. I’ve found the upgrading instructions at the Struts wiki to be extremely useful, and pretty much you’ll need to read the whole thing.

Two things that I’ve contributed to the wiki:

Ensure no dependencies in the freemarker groupId are used as the latest version used by Struts is now under the org.freeemarker groupId and you’ll get classpath conflicts if you added a freemarker dependency.

In the unit tests you may get a NullPointerException as ActionContext.getContext() does not create a context on demand, I think there are better alternatives to avoid the direct use of getContext, but this snippet will fix the problem.

ConfigurationManager configurationManager = new ConfigurationManager();
configurationManager.addContainerProvider(new XWorkConfigurationProvider());
Configuration config = configurationManager.getConfiguration();
Container container = config.getContainer();

ValueStack stack = container.getInstance(ValueStackFactory.class).createValueStack();
stack.getContext().put(ActionContext.CONTAINER, container);
ActionContext.setContext(new ActionContext(stack.getContext()));