librarian-puppet 1.1 released with new Puppet Forge support

Just released librarian-puppet version 1.1.0, a version that adds support for the new Puppet Forge v3 API and fixes the issues in Puppet 3.6+ and Puppet Enterprise 3.2+, versions that started using the new v3 API. From 1.1 the ruby requirement is 1.9+ due to the puppet_forge library used.


librarian-puppetLibrarian-puppet is a bundler for your puppet infrastructure. You can use librarian-puppet to manage the puppet modules your infrastructure depends on, whether the modules come from the Puppet Forge, Git repositories or a just a path.

  • Librarian-puppet can reuse the dependencies listed in your Modulefile
  • Forge modules can be installed from Puppetlabs Forge or an internal Forge such as Pulp
  • Git modules can be installed from a branch, tag or specific commit, optionally using a path inside the repository
  • Modules can be installed from GitHub using tarballs, without needing Git installed
  • Module dependencies are resolved transitively without needing to list all the modules explicitly

Librarian-puppet manages your modules/ directory for you based on your Puppetfile. Your Puppetfile becomes the authoritative source for what modules you require and at what version, tag or branch.



  • Issue #227 Fix Librarian::Puppet::VERSION undefined


  • Issue #210 Use and API v3
    • Accesing the v3 API requires Ruby 1.9 due to the puppet_forge library used


  • Issue #223 Cannot bounce Puppetfile.lock! error when Forge modules contain duplicated dependencies


  • Issue #211 Pass the PuppetLabs Forge API v3 endpoint to puppet module when running on Puppet >= 3.6.0
  • Issue #198 Reduce the length of tmp dirs to avoid issues in windows
  • Issue #206 githubtarball call for released versions does not consider pagination
  • Issue #204 Fix regex to detect Forge API v3 url
  • Issue #199 undefined method run! packaging a git source
  • Verify SSL certificates in github calls


  • Issue #190 Pass the PuppetLabs Forge API v3 endpoint to puppet module when running on Puppet Enterprise >= 3.2
  • Issue #196 Fix error in error handling when puppet is not installed