Acegi Security 1.0.2 released

Acegi Security 1.0.2 is out, Ben was kind enough to push this
one. Good news for Maven 2 users is that Acegi can be built now with
Maven 2, ensuring that the poms in the repository are right.

From the announcement:

This release is mostly a bug fix release. Existing users can
upgrade with a simple JAR drop, although please first review the
upgrade note at SEC-340.

Some community members have inquired regarding our release roadmap:

  • We will continue to support Spring 1.2.x stream users in the
    Acegi Security 1.0.x release series. Whilst no new features will be
    added, any reported bugs will be corrected and backported to
  • New features will be incorporated into Acegi Security 1.1.0,
    which we are aiming to release prior to The Spring Experience in
    December 2006. Acegi Security 1.1.0 will also be renamed to Spring
    Security at this time, and it will require Spring 2.0 to leverage
    namespace capabilities.

Please visit the detailed changelog.

The project’s web site at
provides additional information on Acegi Security’s features, access to
online documentation, and links to download the latest release.