Javagruppen 2011: Build and test in the cloud slides

Last week spent some good days in Denmark for Javagruppen annual conference as I mentioned in a previous post. It’s a small conference that allows you to cover any question that the attendees have and be able to select what you talk about based on their specific interests.

I talked about creating an Apache Continuum + Selenium grid on EC2 for massively multi-environment and parallel build and test. You can find the slides below, although it’s mostly a talk/visual presentation.

The location was great, in a hotel with spa in Jutland and very nice people and the other speakers too. My advice, go to Denmark, but try to do it in summer 🙂 I’m sure it makes a difference – although it’s pretty cool to be on a hot tub outside at 0C (32F)

And you can find some trip pictures in flickr.

Nyhavn panorama

Nyhavn panorama


continuum-ruby is a Ruby library to interact with Apache Continuum, using the XML-RPC interface and enabling access to the working copy directories. continuum-ruby is now available in the Continuum Sandbox.

More info on the Continuum XML-RPC interface:


continuum ="", 8080, "admin", "password", "/continuum"

# xml-rpc interface
xml_rpc =
ok, result = xml_rpc.build_project(1)
error = Continuum.parse_error(result) if !ok

# getting working copy files
working_copy =
test_results = working_copy.get(1, "target/surefire-reports", "emailable-report.html")
files = working_copy.dir(1, "target")
files.each do |file|
file_content = working_copy.get(1, "target", file)