From Dev to DevOps slides from Agile Spain

Conferencia Agile Spain 2011Updated slides from my “From Dev to DevOps” presentation at the Agile Spain conference in Castellon on October 20th. Thanks to all the attendees for the questions and feedback!

Just some updates on Vagrant, VeeWee, Geppetto, and Puppet-Maven. Next stop, ApacheCON Vancouver!

UPDATE The video is also available (in Spanish) at the UJI web server as Flash and WMV.

Apache Barcamp Spain

October 8th, that’s the date for the first Apache Barcamp Spain, and the place, after Oxford, Sydney and the ApacheCON barcamps, next stop is Seville!

Friday Evening

For those arriving on Friday there will be for sure time for tapas & drinks. We’ll be updating the website as dates get closer.


On Saturday we’ll get together and plan the sessions for the day, pure Barcamp style, and FREE as in free beer.

  • YOU decide what talks are given, in an open format
  • Meet developer stars that have already confirmed their attendance
  • No commercial pitches
  • Networking, networking, networking
  • If you want to present/share something this is your chance, just be convincing and get enough votes to get a time slot in one of the tracks

Do you need more excuses to spend a weekend on southern Spain? Keep reading then…

Saturday Evening

You’ll get introduced to the Spanish fiesta by locals, you don’t wanna miss this one, as what happens in Spain… well you won’t remember when you wake up on Sunday anyway 🙂

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